5 Great Examples of Employee-Reward Programs That Drive Up Performance!

  1. Staff Appreciation Event

Staff like to be appreciated! It is easy to be in the day-to-day grind without formally recognizing your team, but as the old saying goes, a little bit of appreciation goes a long way. Employees need to know that they are appreciated by their boss and the company. A staff‑appreciation event can bring better collaboration and more admiration for each other and their workplace. Employees will also realize that their manager and the company appreciate them, too. A staff‑appreciation event does not have to be elaborate or costly. It can be as simple as a BBQ lunch, a continental breakfast, or even a $10 coffee-shop gift card for each employee as a “thank you” for their hard work. Staff‑appreciation events can be one of the easiest reward programs to put together and see results quickly.

  1. Bonus-Pay Program that is Benchmarked to an Employee’s Performance

Pay-for-performance is one of the best reward programs to improve productivity. This program gives you the ability to increase productivity, control costs, and encourage performance all within the same program. In order to institute a pay-for-performance program, you need to establish benchmarks which are fair and equal for all employees. In other words, you are trying to increase performance without setting someone up to fail. Pay-for-performance programs are more easily instituted when they are attached to benchmarks. Clarification of the benchmarks is the most important ingredient to the success of this pay-for-performance program.

  1. Weekly or Monthly Lunch

An average lunch costs $10 per employee. Treating your employees to a weekly or monthly lunch is one of the best ways to increase productivity and morale. One of the best approaches to this reward program is to have lunch delivered to the workplace. Managers should announce that the lunch is to recognize the employees’ effort and hard work on behalf of the company.

  1. VIP Parking

VIP parking is a nice way to recognize an employee’s contribution to the company. Acknowledgement goes a long way in increasing productivity. VIP parking can be monthly or quarterly. The best approach in rewarding VIP parking is to have employee peers write an example of why an employee went above and beyond should receive the VIP parking privileges. A little recognition, especially by peers, goes a long way to increasing employee performance.

  1. Travel Rewards Program

Everyone loves a great vacation! By having a travel-rewards program benchmarked to performance is an excellent way to acknowledge productive performance with a fun vacation. Travel rewards can be used for flight, hotel, and car rentals. Taking a family of four to Disney World can cost over $400 per day. Having a travel-rewards program can offset some of the costs for the employee and provide improvement in productivity for the business. One thing to keep in mind when offering a travel-rewards program, however, is that it may be taxable to the employee. Be sure to check with your accountant before offering this travel-rewards program so that there are no unwanted surprises.

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