7 Most Valuable Tips for Accelerating the Adoption of New Business Tools

Technology is constantly in motion.  Businesses need to upgrade their business tools frequently to be competitive.  Employees can be resistant to changes in systems or internal processes.  This is often because they are “comfortable” with their current process or system and do not see the need to change it.  Employees can also make a transition more challenging if they do not feel the new tool or technology adds value to their already busy workload.  Business owners can find this frustrating because of the high cost of many upgrades.  If employees are using only 40% of the new system, it provides the company with less value.  The following 7 tips can help to improve adoption of new tools and technology by employees.

  1. Have a Plan

Any workplace changes will need a proactive plan in order to be effective.  Evaluating the effect on employees will expedite the implementation of new tools or technology.

  1. Training

Employee training can be a great way to ensure all affected employees are comfortable with the new tools or technology.

  1. Value Added

Make certain that any change adds value to the workplace.  Often a business will adopt new technology at the suggestion of a consultant or IT provider.  It is important to verify that the new technology would increase employee effectiveness before committing to its implementation.

  1. Timeline

Communicate the timeline for rolling out the new tool or technology.  This will ensure that employees are informed and feel included in the process.

  1. Disruption

Any change in day to day workflow can be disruptive to staff.  Most staff members have difficulty completing all of their responsibilities in a typical workday.  Never mind adding adapting to a new business tool.  Providing employees with as much notice as possible will allow them to plan ahead for workflow disruption.

  1. Expected Deliverables

Employees need to know what benefits the new tool or technology will deliver to your business.  It is easy to get employees excited about adopting a new tool or technology when they understand the clear deliverables. This will make it easier to implement.

  1. Employee “Buy-In”

When employees have greater say in their day-to-day work, they are more likely to “buy-in” to changes.  If there is an opportunity to have the new business tool or technology provider give employees a presentation before the company purchases it, employee acceptance of the new product will increase.  Having input into what features are purchased on the new product or service will also increase morale amongst employees by giving them greater agency over their day to day work.  Employers also have the benefit of receiving feedback from employees as end users.  This can give insight concerning how the product or service is working.

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