Why Your Company Should Have an Employee Handbook

Why Your Company Should Have an Employee Handbook

Every business should have an employee handbook, regardless of the size of the business. An employee handbook has many benefits for your company, employees, and management. In spite of this, far too many businesses fail to establish these manuals. Our firm can help you develop your employee handbook and ensure that it meets the needs of all.

Why do I need an employee handbook?

A handbook is your chance to formalize policies and procedures for everything from expense reports to promotions and job performance. By having a formal handbook in place, you take the guesswork out of employee relations. Employees are made fully aware of what is expected of them, while managers are given guidelines to treat all consistently.

In truth, a handbook is more than just a guide for your employees. It also gives you the opportunity to establish a company culture. It also makes onboarding much easier and more consistent across the board.

What should be in an employee handbook?

Start your employee handbook with your company history and mission. This is your chance to set the stage for your organization’s culture. You can then move on to expectations for your employees, including performance reviews, raises, and promotions. A code of conduct, dress code, and other expectations should be clearly laid out.

Your handbook should also include all policies and procedures that your employees and managers will need to follow. This should include:

  • Anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies
  • Expense reimbursement policies
  • Communication policies
  • Complaint procedures

Every employee and manager should be given a copy of the handbook when it is complete or upon hiring. An acknowledgement of receipt of the employee handbook and acceptance of the terms and policies within it is also a good idea. This can protect you from wrongful termination lawsuits and other complications that can arise from underperforming employees.

It’s never too late to start an employee handbook

It’s never too late to establish and a handbook, even if you have already been hiring employees for some time. Our firm will take stock of your needs and develop a handbook that encompasses all of your policies and procedures based on your business needs. Contact us today for more information or further assistance.