HR2fit's HVAC Recruiting Services

Our Unique Business Approach to Human Resource Outsourcing is Perfectly Tailored for Your HVAC Business

HR2fit offers specialized hiring services for small to mid-size HVAC companies nationwide. If you want to onboard proficient HVAC technicians and professionals, look no further than us.

We extend our services at a transparent and competitive flat rate. With us, you don’t have to worry about the expenses related to platform subscriptions, advertising outlays, phone screenings, interview arrangements, background verifications, and all the paperwork for recruits. Our seasoned team of HVAC recruiters, deeply acquainted with the industry’s nuances, works with you to locate the optimal candidates for your vacancies. Our expertise lies in aiding HVAC companies to hire roles such as HVAC technicians, HVAC
installers, service technicians, system designers, and support staff.

HR2fit’s primary goal is to strengthen your HVAC business with top-notch professionals, allowing you to maintain and elevate the quality of service you provide to your customers. We welcome you to connect with us to further delve into our HVAC recruiting services.

Our HVAC Recruiting Process

HR2fit’s HVAC recruiting service is a holistic staffing approach engineered with the HVAC industry in mind. We commit to understanding your HVAC business’s distinct character and requirements to secure the perfect talent for your team.

Our process initiates with a collaborative session, during which we craft an in-depth job description encapsulating the role’s intricacies. After this, we advertise the position on many search platforms, oversee the ad deployments, and manage all interactions with potential candidates. As applications roll in, we meticulously evaluate resumes and conduct preliminary phone screenings to identify the cream of the crop. After refining our list of potential hires, we facilitate the interview process through virtual meetings or face-to-face sessions. And for our cherished HR partners, the onboarding process is a walk in the park. We take charge of crucial steps such as cori checks, comprehensive background, reference validations, formulating and extending offer letters, and handling all new hire formalities. We stand by you at every phase, ensuring a seamless hiring experience.

HR2fiHR2fit’s recruiting service is your gateway to sourcing and hiring premier HVAC talent effortlessly. Contact us today to gain deeper insights into our specialized HVAC recruiting process or embark on the journey.

The HR2fit Recruiting Process

Work with Hiring Manager

Work with hiring manager to outline requirements and develop job requisition

Post and Respond to Ads

Multiple search platforms

Follow up with hiring client

Pre-qualify Candidates

Review Resumes

Conduct Phone Screens

Conduct Interviews

In-person and Virtual Interviews Offered

Schedule Interviews with Client

On-boarding (Provided for HR Services Clients)

Cori Checks

Background & reference checks

Draft and extend offer letters

New Hire paperwork