HR2fit's Legal Hiring Services

Our Unique Business Approach to Human Resource Outsourcing that Scales With Your

HR2fit offers legal hiring services for small to mid-size law firms nationwide. If you are looking to hire adept legal professionals, then we can be your trusted ally.

We provide our services at a compelling price point with a straightforward flat rate. We shoulder the costs related to platform usage, advertising, phone screenings, interview logistics, background assessments, and new hire documentation. Our seasoned team of legal recruiters collaborates closely with you to pinpoint the right candidates for your vacant roles, streamlining the hiring process for your firm. We are adept at helping law firms fill vital positions like associates, paralegals, legal secretaries, legal assistants, and office administrators.

HR2fit is dedicated to ensuring you get the best legal professionals to join your team, allowing you to concentrate on providing top-notch legal services for your clients. For a deeper understanding of our legal recruiting services, please get in touch.

Our Legal Recruiting Process

HR2fit’s legal recruiting service is a comprehensive staffing solution tailored for your law firm. We make it a point to understand the intricacies of your firm’s culture and requirements to ensure we match you with the perfect candidate.

The journey begins with a collaborative effort to create a detailed job description that elucidates the expectations of the role. Thereafter, we publicize the vacancy on various search platforms, manage the ad postings, and handle all interactions with prospective candidates. Our team meticulously examines resumes and conducts preliminary phone screenings to sift out the best talent. After shortlisting the most suitable candidates, we facilitate the scheduling of interviews, be it virtual or face-to-face. Furthermore, the onboarding process becomes a breeze for our HR service patrons. We undertake due diligence with cori checks and in-depth background and reference verifications, formulate and extend offer letters, and manage all new hire documentation. You can rely on us from the beginning to the end to ensure you secure the best talent for your firm.

HR2fit’s legal recruiting service aims to simplify and optimize the process of discovering and onboarding exceptional legal talent. To delve deeper into our legal recruiting process or embark on this journey, contact us today.

The HR2fit Recruiting Process

Work with Hiring Manager

Work with hiring manager to outline requirements and develop job requisition

Post and Respond to Ads

Multiple search platforms

Follow up with hiring client

Pre-qualify Candidates

Review Resumes

Conduct Phone Screens

Conduct Interviews

In-person and Virtual Interviews Offered

Schedule Interviews with Client

On-boarding (Provided for HR Services Clients)

Cori Checks

Background & reference checks

Draft and extend offer letters

New Hire paperwork